Monday, February 27, 2012

Predictions (Thank You, Ma'am)

1. What does the woman do to the boy after he tries to steal her purse?
Why does she do this? Why doesn't she turn him to the police?

The woman dragged the boy home and told the boy to wash his face. She also prepared supper for 
the boy and gave him ten dollars to buy blue suede shoes. I think she did this because she might 
have wanted him to learn a lesson and not steal from others again. I think she didn't turn him in to 
the police because she might have wanted him to like her and trust her because she might have 
wanted to teach him that you don't need to steal and could have ask politely. 

2. What did you think Mrs. Jones was going to do to the boy originally? What makes you think that?

I think that Mrs. Jones was going to take him back to his parents, if he has any, because she might 
have wanted to tell his parents to take good care of him and tell him not to steal any more. 

3. How would you have reacted in Mrs. Jones' place, if you were Roger? Why?

I think that if I was in Mrs. Jones' house and was Roger, then I will have listen to her and tell her 
honestly why I stole her pocketbook because if I wanted to get out of the house, I must tell her 
things she wanted to know honestly.

4. Make inferences (draw conclusions) about Roger’s home life? Tell what makes you think that.

I think that Roger was an orphan because he doesn't look like he has a home and if he has parents, then
his parents will tell him not to steal. I also think that he doesn't have any siblings and was an orphan alone that lives in the street and steak whenever he gets a chance. I think this because, he might have steal before and know the excuses to make when he get caught.

5. What might be some other reasons why Roger tries to steal? What in the story makes you think that?

I think Roger was trying to steal the pocketbook because he might have thought that the pocketbook has money instead of other things. What in the story makes me think this is that when Mrs. Jones ask why Roger stole her pocketbook, Roger just answered that he wanted to buy blue suede shoes.

6. Why didn't Roger ran out of the room when he has the chance? What makes you think that?

I think that Roger wanted Mrs. Jones to trust him, he might have wanted to see what Mrs. Jones wanted to do with him, or he thought that he couldn't run away because Mrs. Jones is big and she could block the door and not let him go. I think this because Roger didn't want Mrs. Jones to not trust him and he didn't want to run away right then. He must have wanted to finish supper too because he didn't have anyone at home and might have wanted to have supper at Mrs. Jones' house.

7. Mrs. Jones left her purse unattended and went into the other room!  What is she showing by this action? Why did she do that?

I think that Mrs. Jones left her purse unattended on purpose and went to the other room because she might have wanted to show Roger that she trusted him and she might have wanted to see if Roger might run away with her purse and if next time they met, if she could trust him or not.

8. Explain the phrase: “because shoes come by devilish like that, will burn your feet.”

I think that the phrase means that don't just steal for some shoes that has a devilish style. I think it means like that because you don't have to steal and could always ask and sell things that you made or found that are important things.

9. The last paragraph begins with “The boy wanted to say something else but couldn’t do it.”  What else do you think he would have like to be able to say to her besides “Thank you”? Why that?

I think the boy might have wanted to say something special for her help and advice because of how she acted to him that he didn't just want to say "Thank you". I think this because he must have felt thankful to her and must have felt that she deserve something much better than "Thank you".

10. Do you think at the beginning if Roger had been successful in stealing the purse, would he have bought shoes with the money?  Why or why not?

I think that if Roger had escaped with the purse, he might not have bought shoes with it and might have bought candies and food. I think this because he might have just need food and doesn't need shoes to live.


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